Memory Boxes

These are wooden boxes, handmade by a carpenter, from renewable resources. They can be decorated and personalised to suit requirements.

Memory boxes can be given as a commemoration to someone, for example, birth,christening, wedding, retirement, leaving present or simply as a special box to store items in, such as, medals, jewellery, rock collection, aromatherapy bottles.

They can be personalised with a particular picture or scene, a name or from an adult or child's own design. The decorated boxes can include shells, pebbles , ribbon, beads, wire, coins, semi-precious stones within the glass mosaic.

Each box is made to order.

Large box with hinge lid £80-£130

Dimensions; width 29cm, depth 15cm, height 11cm.

Medium Box with hinge lid £40-£45

Dimensions;width 18.5cm, depth 12.5cm, height 6.5cm

Box with lift off lid £28-£30

Dimensions;width 17.5cm,9.5cm, depth 9cm

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